THEATRICAL REVIEW: Barbarian a maniacal, terrifying horror delight

With Barbarian, horror hounds get two movies that converge into one terrifying narrative by its end.

It starts out as your conventional, creepy stranger in the house film, as a woman discovers the AirBnB she’s booked for the night is already occupied.

When Tess meets Keith, he’s already staying in a home in the Detroit slums she was certain was rented to her. The two – unable to reach the host – spend the night under the same roof.

At the same time, we’re thrown into the story of landlord AJ, undergoing a scandal that forces him to go radio silent.

Barbarian is a film that will have you screaming out loud one moment, and inexplicably laughing the next.

It’s a pitch-perfect film that grapples with some truly unsettling concepts. The performances from Georgina Campbell, IT alum Bill Skarsgard and Justin Long are uniformly fabulous.

This is a thrill-a-minute ride that goes 1,000 different directions, jerking its audience all over the place at break-neck speed.

It’s a horrifying endeavour you just won’t ever be quite ready for. Read as little about it as possible, as this will be better the less you know.

4/5 Stars

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