THEATRICAL REVIEW: The Good House a feel-good comedy

Sometimes all you need is the charm of two veteran actors to buoy an otherwise-standard picture.

The Good House doesn’t break any new ground, but the views of gorgeous Lunenburg, the lead turns and the overall chemistry between the two leads are worthwhile.

Based on Amy Leary’s book, it follows real estate agent Hildy who feels her whole world crashing in. She deals with alcoholism and her crumbling finances, and looks for a semblance of good in her life.

But a romantic tryst with an old flame may spell a new beginning — or an impending disaster.

It’s pretty formulaic, but it’s also a difficult portrait of what alcoholism can do to people. This cast is fabulous. Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline make this look effortless. The Oscar-pedigree actors have wonderful chemistry and it’s clear they had a good time, even though not all the subject matter is rosy.

Maybe I’m biased, but the Nova Scotia locale is gorgeous, and with Morena Baccarin and Rob Delaney aboard, it feels a step above your average dramedy. The final third of the movie is genuinely fabulous, with Weaver pulling some real depth from the script.

This is an interesting portrait, a well-shot film, and a testament to why more films should be shot right here.

Directing pair Maya Forbes and Wallace Wolodarsky create an affecting flick. But in the end, it’s Weaver and Kline that make it shine.

3.5/5 Stars

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