STREAMING REVIEW: No Exit a competent single-locale thriller

Every once in a while, you really just need a movie that will succeed at just one thing: Entertaining you.

No Exit may not be one critics will rave about for years to come, but the Disney+/Hulu thriller also delivers the goods. Nothing more, nothing less.

When a young woman seeks refuge in a highway rest stop during a blackout blizzard, she’s introduced to an array of quirky, colourful characters.

But when she discovers a young girl, bound and gagged, in the back of a parked van out front, she must find out who is hiding this dark secret, and how to help the child.

Director Damien Power crafts an interesting little film with plenty of tense moments and great visuals.

The most powerful thing about this one is the lead performance from Havana Rose Liu, who is stunning as a young woman trying to navigate this intense situation. While David Rysdahl and Danny Ramirez are good, it’s the veteran thespians that steal the supporting performer show.

Dennis Haysbert and Dale Dickey are fantastic, even if the characters aren’t as well-drawn as Liu’s. They bring life and verve to the proceedings.

It all pretty much plays out how you’d expect, but for 90 minutes, you’ll find yourself enthralled.

3.5/5 Stars

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