STREAMING REVIEW: Charli XCX doc highlights pandemic loneliness

All of us have been feeling the pressures and anxieties of being stuck inside lately, and if nothing else, musician Charli XCX’s documentary explores this well.

Not being a fan of her music, I may not be the target demographic for this. But Charli XCX: Alone Together does an adequate job of capturing the difficulties we’ve all been facing across the globe.

When the pop star decided to produce an album while in isolation, she also chose to chronicle the making of it. The results are this film, and it can be sobering to watch.

Co-directors Bradley Bell and Pablo Jones-Soler make a trippy film, but it doesn’t always make for an aesthetically pleasing film.

XCX is a gay icon and beacon for inclusivity, but her natural bubbly personality is drowned out by the dour mood of the film. While it was an interesting pandemic experiment, it doesn’t make for the most interesting viewing.

3/5 Stars

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