VOD REVIEW: Pitch-perfect Sharlto Copley excels as Unabomber

Ted K is a searing, terrifying exploration into the early days and radicalization of The Unabomber.

Based on the incredible true case that kept America in fear for weeks, Ted Kaczynski’s life in Lincoln, Montana is put under a microscope.

As he lives in the wilderness, feeding off the land and relying on his own resources, he becomes more and more jaded at civilization and the way technological advancements are changing the world.

Shot where the real Ted K’s cabin once stood and scripted from his own writings, this one is an authentic, fierce film that’s difficult to forget.

Co-writer and director Tony Stone creates a a film that leaves an impression in a myriad of ways.

Chief among the reasons it works is Sharlto Copley, who embodies the role with such strength and verve it’s a showcase that needs to be seen.

Once a megastar with films like District 9, The A-Team, and Hardcore Henry on his resume, Copley hasn’t seen a leading role like this one in over seven years.

Copley proves with Ted K that he can carry a film, and do so admirably. He is the reason it works, and if this is what he has in him still, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

4/5 Stars

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