VOD REVIEW: A Week In Paradise is 90 minutes of cliches

Malin Akerman made a difficult decision when she left Showtime drama Billions in 2019. But if her recent output is any indication of what’s to come, she made a career-ending mistake.

Akerman stars in this Hallmark-style rom-com about a woman who goes on vacation after she catches her boyfriend cheating. In the process, she finds a new lust for life and realizes what’s important to her.

Sound familiar? That’s because this exact plotline gets done five times a year, and there’s absolutely nothing new about this iteration.

Akerman is a talented actress – she was hilarious in The Heartbreak Kid, a film not worthy of her efforts – but she just doesn’t have anything to do here.

British writer Kate Wood creates a bare bones script where the only thing that sparkles is the sunny beach locale.

Akerman and Connie Nielson do their best, but there’s just not much they can do to save a pretty innocuous, lifeless flick.

1.5/5 Stars

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