STREAMING REVIEW: I want more of I Want You Back

When a romantic comedy movie can manage to excite, entertain and endear itself to you all in the span of 120 minutes, it’s something to be admired.

I don’t think a movie has spoken to me like this one in a long time, and it managed to be entirely adorable all the while.

This Amazon Original follows two jilted 30-somethings, Emma and Peter, as they hatch a diabolical plan together to make their exes come back to them. The success of this film lives and dies in the audience accepting our flawed leads, and in fact, rooting them on in their quest.

As mean-spirited as it might be to break up relationships – for any reason – I found myself rooting for Peter and Emma, even as they wreaked havoc on others to achieve their goals.

Director Jason Orley – whose indie Big Time Adolescence was one of the best of 2018 – navigates a tricky script and makes this one worth it.

With Charlie Day and Jenny Slate fronting this one, you can’t ask for much better. Scott Eastwood is uncharacteristically hilarious, and Gina Rodriguez teams with Manny Jacinto for some wonderful moments.

The cast is unbelievable, and this one is funnier and more romantic than I ever could have expected. I really loved this one, and I’d welcome a sequel.

4/5 Stars

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