VOD REVIEW: Corey Pegues documentary an explosive exploration of cops, gangs and the road to redemption

The New York Police Department was thrown for an absolute loop upon the revelation in 2014 that a retired cop was a criminal before the academy.

Corey Pegues – who rose through the ranks to become a Deputy Inspector in the NYPD – had no prior convictions when he decided to turn his life around. The academy never realized or recognized his past, and he remained undetected his entire career.

There were whisperings and investigations about his gang affiliations, but the men were all people he grew up with. They were his friends. Nothing was ever substantiated, and Pegues retired with a pension after years of service.

But when Pegues came clean about his past, he both alienated some from his past and put a stain on the NYPD. Cops in the city say Pegues as an embarrassment.

Cops and Robbers Story is the documentary that transpired from this incredible true story, and Pegues is on-hand and refreshingly honest throughout the entire film.

His matter-of-fact discussions, incredible interviews and the testimony from his friends, family, cops and a number of those who know Pegues allow for a fleshed-out exploration that’s nothing short of fascinating.

Director Illinca Calugareanu weaves together a truly spectacular doc, and this is one of the most illuminating portrayals I’ve seen in a long time.

Think what you want about Pegues and his actions. It’s a captivating tale, if nothing else.

4.5/5 Stars

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