BLURAY REVIEW: Thrilling Escape From Mogadishu intense entertainment

A thriller with a verve and incredible storytelling, Escape From Mogadishu is truly satisfying endeavour.

Half political-thriller, half good-old-fashion running-from-danger actioner, it’s a movie North American production companies do 10 times a year, to mostly mediocre results.

But with Mogadishu, filmmaker Seung-wan Ryu – aided by a smart script co-written by Ki-cheol Lee – this Korean flick is absolutely thrilling from start to finish.

In follows Somalian politics in 1991, and a civil rebellion that breaks out against the president. With diplomats and family members from both South and North Korean trapped in their embassies, they find themselves in great peril.

The two areas – from polar opposite ideologies – must come together to try to escape the ravaged area and get to the safety of Mogadishu.

It’s a taut thriller with moral questions embedded all the way through, and it’s an interesting time capsule. It helps that the editing and cinematography are also top-notch too.

Veteran actors Kim Yook-seok and Joon-ho Huh are both fantastic in their roles, but I was most impressed by young actor In-Sung Jo as a headstrong diplomat. The entire ensemble is great, and the better-than-expected acting elevates this one.

An electrifying thriller, this was a fantastic watch, and worth a recommendation.

4/5 Stars

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