VOD REVIEW: One Shot a passable violent B-movie tilt

Every once in a while, you need cinematic comfort food. A movie that neither expects you to follow an intricate plot or boil over with emotions can do the trick.

It’s in moments like these that that low-budget actioners like One Shot thrive.

It follows Navy SEALs who go on a mission to transport a prisoner off a CIA island prison. But they’re put in a precarious situation when insurgents come to rescue their prisoner.

From the man behind the mini-series PokerStars: Natural Born Poker Player and two The Marine sequels, this is not high art. Director James Nunn knows it’s his job to offer gratuitous violence and thrills, and that’s what we get.

Gunfire can be heard through most frames, except for when stilted, loud dialogue is being rifled back and forth between actors.

It’s all tough guy bravado led by Scott Adkins – a veteran of these types of films. But he’s joined by Ashley Greene, best known for Twilight, as well as Ryan Phillipe.

These names alone put this above the typical straight-to-video pedigree, and the fact it’s mildly entertaining helps.

I’m never going to watch it again, but One Shot is good for one things – A big, hefty helping of action and machismo. Enjoy it for exactly what it is, or steer clear.

2.5/5 Stars

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