VOD REVIEW: Despite a game Ethan Hawke, Zeros and Ones doesn’t amount to much

This is a movie that had all the ingredients to be something special. And yet, it feels half-baked at the best of times.

It’s written and directed by auteur Abel Ferrera, and the man has had a storied career as an independent filmmaker. With movies like Bad Lieutenant, King Of New York and Mary, he’s a celebrated presence in the film world.

With star Ethan Hawke in dual roles, I was excited for this one. But what could be a gritty political thriller quickly devolves into requisite silliness.

It follows an American soldier stationed in Rome, who is called upon as he tries to stop an imminent terrorist bombing.

He also searches for his twin brother, imprisoned and a rebel who could stop the attack.

But the soldier – and the audience – must struggle to figure out what’s going on and exact what threat has to be dealt with.

Ethan Hawke is fantastic in dual roles as J.J. and James, and the Oscar nominee gives his typical full commitment to his craft.

Unfortunately, despite being the double-star of a movie that basically lays flatly on his shoulders, Hawke just isn’t enough.

The film is convoluted, uninteresting and just doesn’t do anything to capture its audience’s attention. The grimy, grainy filmmaking makes this one look like it was shot on a steadicam.

There’s plenty of talent involved here, but one would hope the next collaboration features a little bit more effort on a coherent script.

1.5/5 Stars

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