DIGITAL/BLURAY REVIEW: Mitchells Vs The Machines a rollicking, animated good time

One of the films in 2021 that made me absolutely lose it laughing, this is an animated film that will delight parents and children alike.

It took the movie-watching world by storm when it premiered on Netflix, and did well enough to support a BluRay release, uncommon for streaming titles.

Writer-directors Michael Riana and Jeff Rowe create a fantastical, quirky world here, and you’ll find yourself identifying with this film more than expected.

It follows a dysfunctional family and a doting father trying to keep it all together. He decides a road trip to drop his oldest off at school is in order for bonding, but the family soon finds themselves as the last hope for the world during a robot apocalypse.

A story about understanding each other, finding peace and comfort in family, and helping your fellow person, it’s a really adorable little flick.

The voice cast is eclectic and incredible, from Abbi Jacobson to Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Oscar winner Olivia Colman, Eric Andre, and even Conan O’Brien. Everyone is so committed, and makes it such a fun watch.

This a gem for everyone, and I hope it finds an even bigger audience. The fictional Mitchell family totally deserves it!

4/5 Stars

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