THEATRICAL REVIEW: Flee a heart-wrenching animated doc focusing on immigration

One of the most evocative, shocking films of the year, Flee uses some unorthodox techniques to get the viewers’ full attention.

The documentary – told entirely through animation – allows some levity to be brought to an intense story through the medium. My pick for animated film of the year, it’s likely to nab some serious awards steam as the Oscars approach.

Flee is about a gay man, Amin, and it tells his true story about his family’s immigration from war-torn Afghanistan.

As they try to leave and start a new life, Amin finds freedom and the will to be the person he always dreamed of. After the terror he endured, however, he’s also worried to tell his family he’s gay, due to the culture he grew up in.

\Amin’s inner struggles and the trauma he went through play a huge role in his life, and as he explains to his partner what happened in his life, he tries to ready himself for marriage and furthering his life.

Director Jonas Poher Rasmussen makes great use of the animated style and through interviews with the subject to tell an immersive story.

This is an intricate, beautiful film that deserves Best Picture consideration in a year filled with a wealth of talent.

4.5/5 Stars

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