VOD REVIEW: Christmas Village provides lovely – if cliche – yuletide glee

Note: This film is currently available on SuperChannel to watch today.

There is an entire subset of our population that lives for the type of schmaltzy, holiday film like It Takes A Christmas Village.

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck to the LifeTime or Hallmark network watching adorable snowbound romantic comedies, then I guarantee It Takes A Christmas Village is for you.

It follows a beautiful small-town mayor who hatches a plan to create a Christmas market to boost flailing businesses. Road construction is causing road traffic to falter, and she wants to keep the town vibrant.

But she’s forced to speak to handsome recluse Darcy to allow the event to happen at the family mill, despite a decades-old feud with her own family. But the chemistry between the two proves to be more intense than they expected.

I can’t tell you writer Kate Pragnell and director Corey Sevier have created something groundbreaking, but it’s innocuous and fun enough.

Stars Sevier and Brooke Nevin are cute and have fun together, and that’s all we really needed out of this one. It won’t rock your world, but as these types of films go, it’ll give you exactly what you expect.

3/5 Stars

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