BLURAY REVIEW: Tensions and intrigue burn in action-packed Raging Fire

This is a reprint of my theatrical review for Raging Fire, which releases on BluRay Nov. 23. Go pick it up! Seriously!

To say I’m a fan of foreign-language films is an understatement. I find the nuances, character development and overall quality to be higher than North American cinema in many regards.

With Raging Fire, a crime potboiler that explores right, wrong and the two sides of the law, it’s proven once again that Asian cinema is superior.

The plot to the film – dubbed Nou Fo in China – is pretty simple, though so well-executed you’ll find yourself enthralled.

When a righteous, do-gooder cop known for his black-and-white attitude toward life and the law sees a former nemesis come back on the scene, his back-and-forth jawing with the man makes him question his faith in the system.

Writer-director Benny Chan – who died of cancer between post-production and release – accomplishes his absolute best film ever here, and the crime saga is hugely entertaining.

IP Man’s Donnie Yen shines in his role, but it’s Nicholas Tse who really makes the movie with his villainous turn as Ngo. It’s a well-acted, Shakespearian sort of odyssey, soaked in blood and filled with intrigue.

I got everything I wanted out of this film and more, and wholeheartedly recommend a viewing.

4.5/5 Stars

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