BluRay/DIGITAL Review: Boss Baby owns the screen

I should first and foremost tell you that I love animated movies. Gags that made me howl might make more discerning adults cringe.

But if you’re looking for entertaining, adorable fare that works for everyone, you cannot do better than Boss Baby: Family Business right now.

The film, which is an improvement on the original, picks up with the Templeton brothers, who are now adults.

Tim – the geeky, older brother – has watched his brother Ted become an unfeeling career man who no longer has time for him. To say they’re estranged is to put it lightly.

But when Tim discovers his baby has the same walking, talking powers a young Ted did, he and his brother are brought together for a secret mission.

They are transformed to kids again, and must infiltrate a school that has nefarious purposes.

Perhaps the reason I really enjoyed this is it never takes itself too seriously. It’s a kids film that brings the laughs – and surprisingly, the heart – and while it never panders, it never claims to be high art either.

The voice cast is wonderful. Alec Baldwin channels his best PG-rated Glengarry Glen Ross here as Ted, and James Marsden interplays with him perfectly as sensible, sensitive Tim.

With Amy Sedaris, Ariana Greenblatt, a hilarious Jimmy Kimmell, Lisa Kudrow, and Eva Longoria aboard, there’s tons of comedic talent.

But it’s Jeff Goldblum in a laugh-out-loud villainous role that makes it. It may be silly, popcorn entertainment, but it kept me laughing its entire runtime.

3.5/5 Stars

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