FIN REVIEW: No Straight Lines a delightfully quirky comic doc

As a queer writer, there’s something I find inherently interesting about other 2SLGBTQIA+ creatives and their stories.

I was immediately drawn to No Straight Lines, while only knowing it was about comic books and the rise of artistry about queer culture. My spidey sense was right, this was a hell of a movie.

It’s a hilarious, frankly adorable look at five LGBTQ+ comic book artists and their work, which goes from small-time to the international stage.

To see incredible artists like Alison Bechdel, Jennifer Camper, Rupert Kinnard, Howard Cruse and Dylan Edwards featured was incredible. They have so many amazing perspectives that made this one really, really interesting.

The visuals are truly amazing, and director Vivian Kleiman does an admirable job getting so much information out there in a creative way.

Winner of Outstanding Documentary Feature at the 2021 L.A. Outfest, No Straight Lines is a triumph.

4/5 Stars

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