FIN REVIEW: Bird-watching documentary has some real spark to it

I was a little bit apprehensive going into this one, I won’t lie. A movie on bird-watching sounds like just about the worst thing I could spend my time on.

And yet, somehow, absolutely everything about this concept works, and I found myself entirely delighted.

First and foremost, when I saw Michael Melski’s name attached, I should have known this was going to be top quality. From Perfume War to The Child Remains, he’s been one of my favourite Canadian directors.

He doesn’t skip a beat here with a CBC Gem documentary that’s interesting, informative, and illustrative of why people love this hobby.

Our protagonist, Paul Riss, is a hilarious creative director out of Hamilton, and much to his adoring wife’s chagrin, he spends huge chunks of time trying to see new birds. He’s covered in over 200 tattoos, each one signifying the latin name of something he’s seen.

I absolutely adored this movie, and seeing that not everyone who’s into bird-watching fits into the tropes we have in our head was invaluable.

See this one, because I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly – and hilariously – surprised.

3.5/5 Stars

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