FIN REVIEW: Still Max an intimate look into an incredible artist

Knowing absolutely nothing about either Max Dean or his art, I went into this one an entirely blank canvas.

After just 80 minutes, I feel like I know this man intimately, and that’s a compliment to the filmmaking and honesty put forward here.

Dean, a Canadian artist, paints and does art about his own life, and what has happened to him. So when he receives a prostate cancer diagnosis, his art reflects that.

The insightful Dean – whose partner Martha Fluery – also was diagnosed with cancer, gives an unbridled look at his life here.

Winner of the Rogers Audience Award at Hot Docs, this is a spellbinding little snapshot into this man’s life.

Director Katherine Knight sensitively portrays Dean, and asks all the right questions to give us insight into exactly where this man is at, and why his art truly matters.

4/5 Stars

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