FIN REVIEW: Freedom Swell a meditative realization of racism in local surf community

This portrayal and exploration of the North Preston Surf Program is a stark, raw reminder that racism is far from dead and gone in our little province.

Writer LaMeia Reddick takes us through her story, and the reasons she co-founded the club in the first place. Through insights from volunteers, surfers, youth and the community, it becomes painfully obvious just why this is such an issue.

Freedom Swell is uncompromising in its look at the lack of African Nova Scotians in the surf community on the East Coast, and the reasons for it.

The youth program is meant to connect those to water and the ocean in a way they haven’t been able to understand or achieve before.

Sisters Marie and Meaghan Wright direct a resonant picture that honestly showcases the talent that’s been left behind, and how far this province has to come.

The roots of racism run deep, and it takes explorations like this and looks within from people in this province to affect change.

Reddick and the Wright twins are intensely passionate about this subject matter, and it shows. This is one that will make the audience truly sit up and take notice of further inequities of our society.

4/5 Stars

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