FIN REVIEW: Jumping The Apex an interesting chronicle of local roller derby

This really fun documentary — first chronicled on OutTV as a series — showcases the rise and expansion of roller derby squad Halifax Harbour Grudges.

The derby is a place of belonging, love and acceptance. But it’s clear there have been trials and tribulations to get there, and some of the players are candid about this.

It follows the team after nine years and their chance to compete in the sport they love internationally.

Director and producer Caley MacLennan, who also co-edited, seems to be passionate about the material, and it shows.

Cinematographer Scott Thorne manages to balance an interesting line, and it’s an involving – if not magnificent – showcase of the sport.

It’s at its heart a film about belonging, acceptance, and ensuring those things are kept, no matter how big the organization gets.

One does have to wonder, though, how much better this documentary would have been with a bit more financing. All I’ll say is there’s even more story to tell here, and I hope it’s expanded on soon.

3.5/5 Stars

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