FIN REVIEW: French-language comedy about the stage a Big Hit

Affectionately dubbed “Un Triomphe” in France, director Emmanuel Courcol’s The Big Hit is exactly as its title suggests.

A Cannes Film Festival selection in 2020, The Big Hit follows a drama teacher who’s missed the mark most of his life, and his attempt to stage Samuel Beckett classic Waiting For Godot for audiences with a cast of convicted prisoners.

Courcol puts on a cheeky show, and the cast is game for anything. It’s a really enjoyable little comedy, and one with more genuine feeling than I expected.

While the script is great, I have to say it’s this cast that infuses the film with some well-earned respect.

Kad Merad is fantastic as our protagonist, drama teacher and play director. One soon realizes that this play is just as much to give him something to be proud of as it is for the prisoners.

Merad is the soul of the movie, and he ties it all together so perfectly. Of particular note as well is Pierre Lottin, who plays a young prisoner who begins not so jazzed on drama.

Frankly, the whole cast, which also includes David Ayala, Laurent Stocker, Lamine Cissokho, Sofian Khammes and more is incredible.

This is a movie that works because this cast and crew will it to be so, and their efforts won’t go unnoticed.

4/5 Stars

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