VOD REVIEW: Finding You discovers the chemistry of its adorable stars

Sometimes you truly just need a palate cleanser of a movie to remind you that the simple things really can be the most rewarding.

It doesn’t boast a big, A-list cast or intense situations, but Finding You is a perfectly serviceable, cutesy romance, and I enjoyed every second.

Violinist Finley Sinclair packs up for a trip to Ireland when she misses the chance to go to the prep school of her dreams. But her semester abroad becomes a life-changing experience thanks to some Irish luck and a handsome young star.

While living at an adorable Air B&B, she deals with loss, love and finding herself. In the process, young Finley meets film star Beckett, who longs for a normal life away from the cameras.

The two begin an unlikely dalliance that will change both their lives forever, and teach them what it is to shelter your love from the cruel world.

Based on Jenny B. Jones’ book There You’ll Find Me, there’s nary a surprise here. But what this film has in spades are lovely performances, and entirely drawn characters.

Rose Reid and Jedidiah Goodacre are perfect together here, and watch for some lovely performances from veterans Patrick Bergin and Vanessa Redgrave.

It’s a charming little picture you won’t help but be a little spellbound by.

3/5 Stars

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