VOD REVIEW: Strongly-acted Black Conflux falls apart in third act

The aesthetics and mechanics of Black Conflux converge for a splendidly-made, interesting picture.

And yet, something feels missing here. It’s a great concept, and a skillful Canadian film, but it just doesn’t have the electricity to cross the finishing line.

It follows the separate lives of a young girl and a troubled, mentally ill man in 1980s Newfoundland. Everything is set to converge as the two come closer and closer to meeting for the first time.

This explores toxic masculinity, coming-of-age, and so much more, but for all of its positives, it just never seems to go anywhere.

Writer-director Nicole Dorsey makes a film that’s pleasing and affecting – right up until the end.

The performances from Luke Bilyk and Kate Corbett are wonderful, and the two really are at the top of their game.

The cinematography and tone are perfect. But we are sold a tense, fraught storyline set to converge into a huge, fateful meeting between the leads.

But when it finally comes, it’s so anti-climactic that I was left wondering what the point even was. It’s a well-made movie without a purpose.

What’s left is a pretty-looking, ultimately aimless endeavour, and that’s unfortunate.

3/5 Stars

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