VOD REVIEW: Megan Fox thriller Till Death a blunt, menacing thriller

This intense, brutal vehicle for star Megan Fox is both terrible and great at the exact same time.

It’s full of silly, quippy one-liners and entirely ridiculous plotlines, and yet it’s endlessly watchable the whole way through.

Emma is trapped in a loveless marriage to a high-powered lawyer, and she feels as if she’ll never find what she deserves in life.

When she wakes up the morning after their 10th anniversary tethered to her dead partner, she’s put in a menacing, difficult situation. She soon realizes he’s orchestrated a lethal end for her as well due to her affair with one of his co-workers.

To make matters worse, two criminals break into her lake house, and try to finish her off years after one of them went to prison for an attack on her.

It doesn’t hold the same weight as Gerald’s Game, but Fox oddly does the material justice, and it’s worth watching just to see her make an effort.

There’s no doubting S.K. Dale directed a film that has its fair share of cheese and B-movie moments. It’s the kind of movie you feel entirely comfortable laughing at.

But it’s a bleak, difficult thriller that’s dark in so many ways. It’s the type of revenge film that you’ll enjoy despite your best efforts.

3/5 Stars

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