VOD REVIEW: Blomkamp’s return to features is a horror dud

For a long time, Neil Blomkamp has been an enigmatic, interesting genre filmmaker.

The sci-fi auteur has mostly been vacant from screens – and not done a feature film – since 2015, and I’ve sorely missed him in that time.

But I would have waited another six years for the Oscar nominee’s return to directing if it meant he wouldn’t have made the schlock that is Demonic.

I’m at a loss for words how the man behind District 9, Elysium and Chappie could write and direct a horror film so devoid of thrills and any sort of story.

It’s as visually striking as one might expect from Blomkamp, but there’s nothing to recommend past that.

I actually really enjoy the underrated talent involved – Carly Pope, Terry Chen, and Nathalie Boltt have tons going for them, but they can’t overcome a preposterous, worn-out script.

Nothing really feels like it’s original, which is a difficult thing to accept from such an accomplished filmmaker, even if he took a ton of time away.

It’s neither scary nor has enough plot ingenuity to stand as an interesting diversion. Unfortunately, Demonic does nothing but conjure up memories of Blomkamp’s past, and wishes he would return to form.

1.5/5 Stars

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