BLURAY REVIEW: Adorable, affecting Little Q a dramatic triumph

This little tale – based on a true story – will envelop you in 1,000 emotions, and make you fall in love with its complex characters.

Little Q is based on the novel Goodbye, Khoru, about a guide dog who brings out the best in his unhappy, difficult master.

The screenplay from Susan Chan is a rollercoaster of emotions, and brings to life each and every character.

You’ll fall in love with little dog Q, but his master, character Li Boating will grow on you during the runtime. It’s a huge credit to actor Simon Yam – a 10-time Hong Kong Film Awards nominee and winner in 2010.

As a cranky chef dealing with the condition that has left him blind, he goes from despondent to forming an indelible bond with Q. Yam is a huge strength to this film.

Gigi Leung, Him Law, and Shanshan Yuan are all gifted, young performers who create their own unique, three-dimensional turns here.

It’s definitely a flick you’ll want to have tissues for, but it’s also a film about love, devotion and the bond between man and animal.

Though it has some pacing issues, this ode to guide dogs is a touching portrayal that you’ll adore if animal movies are your thing. It’s filled to the bring with personality you can’t ignore.

3.5/5 Stars

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