VOD REVIEW: Nemesis a middling gangster misfire

From hyped production company Shogun Films comes British gangster flick Nemesis. Along with the film, there’s a book and soundtrack release, and this one’s making a big splash.

And yet, one wonders why in the world anyone would bother making such a huge deal out of an absolutely dreadful piece of art in the first place.

Director James Crow begins here with an interesting premise, and the first 20 minutes are legitimately enough to get you interested.

It follows mob kingpin John Morgan, who comes back to London with his wife, but not everyone is so welcoming.

Between cop Frank – who has unfinished business – and internal family drama with his brother Richard and nephew Eddie, John begins to consider what his future looks like.

But things begin to fall off the rails as John realizes that your past will always catch up with you in the end.

It’s a good logline with unnecessary, absolutely ridiculous twists, including a final 20 minutes that features some of the worst acting I’ve seen all year.

Perhaps most unfortunate is that legends like Billy Murray and Nick Moran give genuine, convincing turns, only to be betrayed by a script that does everyone a disservice.

Nemesis may have good intentions as a British gangster epic, but it falls flat on almost all fronts.

1/5 Stars

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