VOD REVIEW: Creation Stories a good-not-great origin tale

This story of Creation Records, the wonderful little independent label that could in Britain, is a fun little tale, even if it isn’t too much more.

Responsible for signing bands like Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and dozens of other artists, they went from a scrappy little business to hugely influential in music.

The label – run for 16 years by Alan MMcGee, Dick Green and Joe Foster – would have a huge impact on Britpop, indie rock and more in the U.K.

This film is about Alan McGee and his rise to fame, as well as the trials and tribulations he faced. The man made mistakes along the way, and it’s all on display here.

Director Nick Moran creates a psychedelic vision for the film, but the actor-turned-director never quite sticks the landing.

Writer Dean Cavanagh is the primary scripter here, but Trainspotting auteur Danny Boyle is a producer, and it looks like the writer of that film – Irvine Welsh – did some punch-ups here. It’s not anything substantial, but the film does gain a bit of credibility with that name attached.

The best thing Creation Stories has going for it is an inspired performance from Trainspotting star Ewen Bremner, who really owns this one. He’s the best thing here, and even when the film threatens to veer off, he keeps things on a mostly-even keel.

If you’re a Bremner fan, he gets his due here, even if the film around him isn’t spectacular.

3/5 Stars

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