THEATRICAL REVIEW: Black Widow the thrilling Marvel entry this character deserves

The fact that Black Widow is getting her solo movie a full 11 years after the character originally appeared in Iron Man 2 is a travesty.

Perhaps the best female character – and one of the best characters, full stop – in the MCU, this long-awaited movie will delight fans of both this cinematic universe and curious onlookers alike.

The movie that follows Natasha Romanoff, the incredible member of the Avengers, between the events of films Civil War and Infinity War provides a depth we needed to understand this character’s motivations.

With flashbacks that explain her history, it’s a pretty thorough look at Black Widow. The only downside is it comes after audiences watched the character die in the final Avengers instalment, leaving little about Natasha’s fate to the imagination.

That jarring reality aside, Black Widow is a show-stopping action tilt brimming with character and comedy. Director Cate Shortland makes her jump into blockbuster territory with this mature endeavour.

Scarlett Johansson gets the vehicle she’s deserved for a decade, and she’s joined by Oscar nominee Florence Pugh, Stranger Things star David Harbour in a great role as her Russian father, Rachel Weisz, William Hurt and the always-entertaining Ray Winstone as the villain.

It may not reach the same heights as some Marvel greats, but after a long wait – made longer by pandemic delays – Marvel and Disney give the fans the adventure that they, and character Natasha Romanoff, deserve.

4/5 Stars

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