VOD REVIEW: Silent Night a ho-hum crime drama

There’s something to be said for a film that bravely, honestly portrays life for an ex-con trying to make good.

The world isn’t always kind to those trying to rehabilitate, and that’s the situation former hitman Mark is in post-release.

But with Silent Night, what could have been a great drama-thriller devolves into genre tropes pretty quickly.

When Mark – a South Londoner who did even more time to protect a friend – is pulled back into the life by his former cellmate, he promises it’s his last job before he goes straight for good.

Mark has a daughter and estranged wife to think about. But he also can’t find honest work, and feels he has no choice.

Writer-director Will Thorne does find some intelligent spots and his lead, Bradley Taylor, is certainly formidable.

But as the rest of the cast just kind of saunters around in a zombie-like state, and the screenplay proves to be a boring, cliche dispenser with a terrible twist ending, there isn’t much to love here.

It manages to make London crime look boring, and that’s a cinema sin in itself.

1.5/5 Stars

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