VOD REVIEW: La Dosis an intense slowburn drama

The main thing you need to remember when watching this dark Spanish masterclass is that everything will reveal itself in due time.

I found myself becoming a bit frustrated early on, as the meanderings and daily work of a lonely nurse take centre stage. But sticking with this movie paid off in spades, as La Dosis is the kind of film that build to an unforgettable climax.

We start off following Marcos, a 20-year nurse who’s been on the same floor, in the same facility, his entire life. He works at a private clinic, and carries a major secret. Marcos does euthanasia for select patients so they no longer have to suffer.

But his entire existence is upended when young, attractive nurse Gabriel comes on the scene.

Gabriel realizes Marcos’s secret, but then the older nurse also realizes Gabriel is killing patients as well, for a more sinister purpose. The two lock into a battle of will, despite the fact no matter the outcome, both lives will be irreversibly changed.

As Marcos, Carlos Portaluppi gives one of the most sympathetic performances of the year. Many can argue the moralities of assisted-suicide, but as we watch Marco’s sad existence, painted by the nuances of Portaluppi’s performance, we somehow begin to root for him.

It’s a turn I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. The screenplay, mood, and visual identity of the film are perfect, and Martin Kraut does an excellent job here in the director’s chair.

La Dosis is a film you’ll be thinking about for a long time, and one you’ll surely be recommending to your film aficionado friends.

4/5 Stars

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