VOD REVIEW: Queen Of Spades a humdrum horror tilt

Queen Of Spades is a film that plays out like a mythical, low-rent Candyman. It’s unoriginal and manages to make demonic possession and terrifying lore somewhat tame.

In the same vein as almost every film of its ilk that came before, it follows a legend where if you call the witchly Queen Of Spades in the mirror, she will come and attack until your whole inner circle has perished.

Director Patrick White takes a 90-minute runtime and manages to do nothing innovative, fresh or remotely surprising with it.

The original story, by Syvatoslav Podgaveskiy, may have had some promise in the right hands. There is some promise here in the concept, but John Ainslie’s ultimate screenplay falls on genre tropes.

The acting is passable, though nothing about it is particularly admirable. Daniel Kash is great as an authority on the Queen and ritual, but the fact his character is named Smirnov evokes thoughts of the beverages, and rings a bit silly.

The young actors, led by Ava Preston, are serviceable, but I don’t see a star in the making among them.

Despite some decent visual effects, this flick falls on its own sword and doesn’t manage to do anything to set itself apart.

2/5 Stars

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