VOD REVIEW: Kate Nash documentary is entertaining, but overestimates our interest in the subject

Pop star Kate Nash hit it big at the tender age of 18, and her rise and fall from superstardom is chronicled in Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl.

A well-shot, immersive documentary, it’s well-done and refreshingly honest. The major problem, though, is I barely knew Nash’s work prior, and this feature didn’t particularly make me feel like I missed much.

Perhaps best known to this film aficionado for her stint on Netflix wrestling show GLOW, Nash is absolutely charismatic. She’s honest in a world that often shuns those who make too many waves.

However, her music isn’t particularly that good, in my estimation. It’s her story, though, that is highlighted.

People figured Nash would be huge, but a decade later, she lives in a cramped apartment, has no music label and her manager has been stealing money from her.

She puts everything she has into a comeback and uses her struggles as inspiration. Director Amy Goldstein creates a film that’s sympathetic to Nash’s plight, but that doesn’t shy away from the rough stuff.

It’s not a bad documentary, but I wasn’t glued to the screen either. If you’re a mega-fan, you may be engrossed. Everyone else doesn’t really need to tune in.

2.5/5 Stars

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