VOD REVIEW: The Dare fails in its attempts to reinvent the genre

In this horror-thriller, co-writer and director Giles Alderson puts together an interesting film. There’s no doubting he took his time crafting a film he was proud of.

There is no doubt Alderson can weave an intricate story, but unfortunately he doesn’t go far enough with The Dare.

When a family man is kidnapped from his home, he wakes up in a dingy basement wth three others, all held captive and chained to the wall. They discuss their background and lives to try to find a common thread, and discover why they’re there together.

The cast, including Bart Edwards, Richard Short, Alexandra Evans and Robert Maaser are all serviceable, if not remarkable. But it’s the villainous, intense character actor Richard Brake who shines. The veteran of the cast, he brings a pedigree to The Dare I didn’t expect.

The film is well-shot, even if you can tell it had a woefully low budget. As a splatterfest, it has the requisite blood and gore, but it once again raises the question of whether violence for violence sake is really necessary in horror.

It bears the kind of indie stylings and plot of the original Saw, but fails to execute on the same level. Director Alderson does put some work into the ending.

The problem, though, is that the intended shock and awe don’t necessarily land. The ending can be seen from miles away, and though it’s above many other low-budget genre entries, The Dare doesn’t do anything well enough to set itself apart.

2/5 Stars

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