THEATRICAL REVIEW: Wrath Of Man among Ritchie’s recent best

This slam-bang actioner from genre maestro Guy Ritchie represents one of the best efforts of the latter part of his career.

It’s a Ritchie movie less about gangs and more revolving around heists. Wrath Of Man is soaked in vengeance and revenge, and represents a departure, albeit slight, from regular fare the director does.

A quiet, intimidating man – who goes by the name H – joins a big security company as an armoured truck driver, but those within the company question his motives.

The L.A. company carries large loads of cash around the city, and H becomes embroiled in an attempted heist early in his tenure. His shooting skills manage to get himself and his co-worker out of a rough spot, but management are left wondering why he’s so good at killing people.

The cast is pretty great here, with Jason Statham leading the charge. Holt McCallany. a splendid Josh Hartnett, Jeffrey Donovan, Andy Garcia and Scott Eastword are also in on the proceedings.

Wrath Of Man is the type of movie that’s a bundle of fun to see in theatres, so if one is open near you, I suggest you catch it immediately.

It may not match Snatch or Lock Stock, but Wrath Of Man is a really solid entry for Statham and director Ritchie.

4/5 Stars

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