VOD REVIEW: Together Together is a dramedy that entertains at a consistent clip

I have absolutely loved Ed Helms for a decade, and to see him branch out in indies is always a good time for me.

Movies like Cedar Rapids show him off more than another Hangover sequel ever could, and I always appreciate seeing him doing something other than gross-out gags.

That’s why, when I watched drama-comedy Together Together from director Nikole Beckwith, I absolutely love seeing him do something refreshing. But he’s hardly the only reason to watch this flick.

It’s the story of a loner, unlucky in love, who decides to become a single dad. He finds a surrogate and begins the journey toward fatherhood. But the bond he creates with the person carrying his baby becomes more personal than he imagined it would.

The acting is absolutely top-notch. Helms gives a sensitive, understated performance that shows his entire range. As Matt, he gives a vulnerability that’s so important to the character.

There are so many laughs to be had, but it’s the deep, sentimental tone that really helps Helms shine.

But it’s also Patti Harrison, playing surrogate Anna, who really brings it. She is a perfect screen partner for Helms, and I can’t wait to see the skilled writer – known for Dispatches From Elsewhere and Big Mouth – take off as an actress.

With wonderful chemistry and an adorable script, it’s a little film that I couldn’t help but smile at.

4/5 Stars

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