VOD REVIEW: Sesame Street documentary shows how incredible show came to be

One of the most influential TV shows to ever grace our screens is examined from the inside out in the honest, deep documentary Street Gang: How We Got To Sesame Street.

The 1969 show still runs today, and it was a labour of love for all involved. This chronicles the opinions and recounts the stories of so many of those involved in producing the show.

Director Marilyn Agrelo creates a spellbinding, behind-the-curtain look at the show, based on Michael Davis’s book. It’s a truly wonderful achievement.

To see people like Jim Henson and Jon Stone in archive footage is so, so heartwarming. Those behind Sesame Street cared so much about it, and it’s really invigorating to see that passion shine through.

The chemistry and working relationships are explored, as well as home lives of those involved, all the tumult and interesting tidbits behind the show, and especially how this group of people became a family.

Sesame Street was a kids show that just had so many layers and taught kids about so many important things. This documentary shows the incredible motivations and impetus behind that, and how Sesame Street influenced shows after it.

4/5 Stars

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