VOD REVIEW: Tyree Henry shines in human Outside Story

In a pandemic world where humans are struggling to connect – and many have retreated – this film will resonate more than expected.

It’s about an isolated, homebody eulogy editor who falls into a funk after a break-up with his girlfriend. He orders in, he works from home and he hides away. He finds happiness – a respite from anxiousness – in his solitude.

But when the shut-in gets accidentally locked out of his 2nd-floor apartment in New York City, he realizes that he’s been missing a whole world outside. He also realizes how hard it is to get help, comfort or care from neighbours and even those in his building when no one knows him.

Charles is a stranger to everyone, even though his girlfriend – sorry, now ex-girlfriend – was beloved. The juxtaposition of their personalities is a microcosm for those who withdraw and those who prefer to talk to anyone and everyone.

The film never judges our introverted main character Charles, but writer-director Casimir Nozkowski really lets the audience get to know him, which is something he wouldn’t let anyone do if he was in any other circumstance.

Atlanta star Brian Tyree Henry finds the role of his career so far, and is sympathetic, infuriating, hilarious and more in this complex turn. He gives a full-bodied, human performance I still can’t shake a week after seeing the film.

He is, by and large, the heart and soul of the movie, and you won’t be able to help but fall in love with him.

It’s a great character piece with well-drawn characters and a wonderful little script. Put simply, this is a lovely little film I could definitely visit again.

4/5 Stars

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