VOD REVIEW: Tony Hale’s annoying character fails to endear himself to audiences in Eat Wheaties!

Though director-writer Scott Abramovitch injects this intensely awkward comedy with huge energy and hard work, this is an unfortunate case where good intentions just don’t translate to a victory.

The main issue with this work is its story. It’s about a man who desperately falls into a difficult headspace after he tries to prove he was college friends with Elizabeth Banks.

I’m a huge fan of weird and whacky characters on-screen, including Napoleon Dynamite, any player Michael Cera plays, and any character but Jim and Pam in The Office. But Sid Straw, the main character in this series, just doesn’t become likeable.

In order to enjoy these types of oddballs, they need to be awkward and enjoyable, but Straw is just too … creepy for all this to be endearing in the end.

Tony Hale – of VEEP fame – is wonderful, but the script lets him down. Try as he might, he just can’t break through. The supporting cast, including Orange Is The New Black’s Danielle Brooks, is fantastic.

Brooks is so likeable and adorable here, and she deserves to work more often. David Walton and Elisha Cuthbert are great as Sid’s younger brother and biggest fan, as well as his wife, who has no time for Sid’s antics.

Alan Tudyk, Sarah Chalke, New Girl’s Lamorne Morris and Paul Walter Hauser all get to flex their comedic muscles, and succeed. But it’s the troubling, unaware and socially inept character Hale works so hard on that can make or break the film.

Unfortunately, he just couldn’t make this one work. But this effort does show me to watch out for future efforts from Hale and director Abramovitch, who could have a great future.

2.5/5 Stars

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