BLURAY REVIEW: Cosmoball a lazy, uninspired sci-fi film

This Russian-language sci-fi film is one of the most uninspired, lazy excuses for filmmaking I’ve seen in years.

Writer-director Dzhanik Fayziev creates an intensely boring action film that I couldn’t even begin to become interested in.

It’s about a spaceship above Earth. It’s a stadium that hosts Cosmoball, and event like soccer, where earthlings and aliens play against each other. The game is hugely fact-paced and loved by everyone.

When a young Russian man inadvertently becomes a star of the earthling team, he found fame he didn’t think possible, but deadly forces loom.

Main actor Yevgeny Romantsov, frankly, is a pretty face but absolutely nothing more. He’s boring, has no facial expressions or emotions, and I couldn’t connect with him if I tried. Frankly, no one in the film was particularly memorable.

What makes matters worse is that for a sci-fi movie, it was both hard to follow and the special effects were absolutely awful.

There’s nothing to enjoy here, and I warn you against trying to find something.

1/5 Stars

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