VOD REVIEW: Crass Golden Arm tackles your funny bone, but will only win you over by a hair

It’s not that director Maureen Bharoocha’s film is bad. It isn’t by any means. But there’s only so far you can stretch a concept about a cross-country trek for a female arm-wrestling tournament.

What could be a hilarious late-night skit – this helmer did direct Jimmy Kimmel Live! after all – is stretched into 90 minutes, and it strains to be entertaining its entire runtime.

But it’s the performances that makes this film truly worth your while. Though a ragtag trucker and her petite best friend traveling to compete in the National Ladies Arm Wrestling Championship is a concept that wear thin, these actresses are so, so funny.

Betsy Sodaro is hilarious as Danny, a wrestling champion who embarks to find her best friend, who has arm wrestling prowess and can beat Danny’s arch rival. Sodaro is rough around the edges, but my God is she ever funny. Her timing is impeccable.

Mary Holland is her quiet, mousy friend Melanie. The two have great screen chemistry, and Holland has talent as a writer – she did Happiest Season – and actress.

Finally, Dot-Marie Jones has a great role as Big Sexy, as a coach. The supporting cast is also fantastic.

While the story and plotline feels something to be desired, if you’re interested in the concept, the performances will make it for you.

3/5 Stars

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