VOD REVIEW: SpiderMable doc makes a real hero out of Alberta girl

I remember the SpiderMable saga fondly. Learning about this little girl, aged six at the time, and her wish to be SpiderMan for a day was absolutely splended.

Mable was fighting cancer, and through the work of Edmonton and good samaritans, an elaborate day was planned for the pint-sized superhero who inspired us all.

It was a Twitter firestorm and an incredible news story, but Mable has remained a part of Canadian’s lives since, and has found a way to use her newfound fame and power for good.

Trapped between being a normal kid and the responsibility of enacting change and attempting to make the lives better of young cancer patients, Mabel became an icon and struggled to find the right balance.

Quite frankly, Mable Tooke is one of the most inspiring figures to come out of Canada in years, and watching this documentary warmed my heart and made me reach for a tissue or two.

It’s a beautiful story, and it’s told with care by writer-director Kelly Wolfert. SpiderMable – a real life superhero story shows just how much we can influence others with our own stories.

Mable is an inspiration, and this is a can’t miss chronicle of her journey.

4/5 Stars

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