STREAMING REVIEW: Michael B. Jordan elevates ho-hum Without Remorse

Amazon Prime Video’s latest original, a Tom Clancy spin-off, may have the exciting, charismatic screen presence Michael B. Jordan brings to the screen, but it doesn’t boast much else worth talking about.

Director Stefano Sollima takes on his largest project yet after the success of Sicario 2, and while he injects some intrigue and awesome action sequencing, the story falls hugely flat.

A mess of cliches, woefully underwhelming dialogue and boasting a third act twist we see coming in the first 15 minutes, Without Remorse suffers from audience fatigue. We’ve seen this movie before – probably three times already this year – and I’m a bit tired of treading the same ground.

What makes this more disappointing is one of the men behind the script is a Hollywood great who, until now, was at the top of his game. Taylor Sheridan has written and directed some of the most skillful movies of the past decade, including Hell Or High Water, Wind River, Sicario, and he writes fantastic cowboy show Yellowstone.

He also wrote Sicario 2, which Sollima directed, but this pairing just doesn’t match the same magic, and lands with a resounding thud for one of my favourite auteurs.

This story of Navy SEAL John Clark’s revenge after a retaliation of his earlier mission leaves other SEALs and his family dead is well-worn, and doesn’t offer anything new.

To say Michael B. Jordan carries this movie is an absolutely vast understatement, as the screen actor best known for Black Panther and Creed gives an impactful turn that somehow manages to rise above this material.

Queen and Slim actress Jodie Turner-Smith is also good, but respected actors Jamie Bell and the formidable Guy Pearce really phone this one in.

It’s a slam-bang gory action tilt without a beating heart, and it plays out like a shadow of other, greater genre films before it.

2/5 Stars

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