STREAMING REVIEW: Stowaway a highly effective outer space drama

Gravity may have won all the Oscars for its space exploration theme, but Stowaway is an out-of-this-world drama that adds more story and heart to the proceedings than the former film ever could.

The low-budget flick may lack the visual spectacle, but Stowaway makes up for it in the way it endears the audience to its characters. It’s a fantastic achievement, and the best movie to come out for 2021 consideration so far.

Joe Penna, director of incredible Mads Mikkelsen drama Arctic in 2018, captures the loneliness and isolation of space perfectly in the story of a crew on a mission to Mars. When they discover a ship worker who passed out after an injury, they realize the extra passenger poses a threat to the entire crew’s chances of living.

With an incredible cast – and a bravura performance from the underrated Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick – this is better than it has any business being. Daniel Dae Kim, Toni Collette, and Shamier Anderson are all wonderful, and there is so much emotion in this film you won’t believe how invested you become.

It’s a difficult watch, but a worthwhile endeavour that had me choked up by the end. Stowaway is the real deal, and you simply need to check it out.

4/5 Stars

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