VOD REVIEW: Historical account Amundsen interesting, but overlong

The two things that make a movie for me are pacing and tone, and while Amundsen: The Greatest Expedition finds footing with good performances, it never quite finds a proper stride.

The autobiography of famed explorer Roald Amundsen is involving, but at 125 minutes, it wears out its welcome long before the credits.

Norwegian Amundsen was ripe for story mining as the first man to arrive to the South Pole. He wasn’t without his struggles. And yet, I found myself not really much caring after an hour-and-a-half.

Director Espen Sandberg, the Norwegian filmmaker who co-directed the last Pirates of the Caribbean outing, outfits his film with great visuals, but there’s not as much heart as I’d have hoped.

Star Pal Sverre Hagen has an impressive resume and does the role justice, and co-stars Christian Rubeck and Katherine Waterston — by far the most recognizable in the film — also lend a helpful hand.

But rather than focus on a tight script and story, the film tries to be bold and ambitious, and missing the mark costs it.

2/5 Stars

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