VOD REVIEW: Exorcism tilt Seventh Day fails to scare up a worthwhile plot

For a movie that opens with a splendid cameo from character actor Keith David, it’s disappointing to see exorcism film The Seventh Day lose momentum from there.

It follows a young priest who’s paired with a renowned exorcist for training, but they have to overcome incredible darkness and evil in their city over one hellish day.

Writer-director Justin P. Lange might have had a good feature here, but bad casting and a general glut of boring special effects and lazy genre tropes weighs down any interesting elements.

Principal star Vadhir Derbez, of How To Be A Latin Lover fame, is absolutely god-awful here as a young priest with a litany of personal demons. The Mexico-born star is flat, and at times the emotions on his face look no better than those in community college thesis features.

He’s joined by Guy Pearce, who’s quite literally watchable in anything. He’s the saving grace here, and yet, I just found myself hoping he’d fire his agent for letting him get anywhere near this. Pearce is a skilled actor who does a good job with a terrible role.

Rounding things out is Stephen Lang, the villain in Avatar and the best part of other genre film Don’t Breathe, but he’s absolutely wasted in a throwaway role here.

The Seventh Day has talent to spare, but it utilizes nothing. It’s neither scary nor B-movie enough for an unintentional laugh. It’s a film that’s wholly unnecessary, and actually manages to make exorcisms boring. Enough said.

1/5 Stars

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