VOD REVIEW: Senior Moment forgets the film basics

When you cast William Shatner to star in your indie movie, you’ve already had a huge misstep.

His ego, overacting and casually misogynistic way of living makes him intolerable to watch – He was the only actor my grandmother would actively turn the television off to avoid.

If he can’t even connect to women his age, and Trekkies aren’t likely to watch this romcom, then who’s the target audience?

We’re supposed to feel bad for a golden ager who drives recklessly around in his vintage convertible causing ruckus in Palm Springs while he chases tale 1/3 his age. Poor guy gets his license taken away, and begins to learn some lessons.

The problem, however, is we never like Shatner’s self-absorbed, truly creepy character Victor, even at the end.

This spoils the considerable talent of Christopher Lloyd, and entirely wastes the adorable Jean Smart.

It’s a boring plot about a man who has no redeeming values we’re supposed to believe can change in a few months.

In a few succinct words — this movie is a dumpster fire. Stay far, far away.

1/5 Stars

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