THEATRICAL REVIEW: New Liam Neeson actioner just doesn’t hit the mark

We’ve been enjoying these Liam Neeson, by-the-formula actioners since 2008, and I’ll just come out and say it – The Oscar-nominated, 69-year-old actor needs to move on.

He’s no longer swift, agile or believable as an action hero, and it’s starting to show. Suspension of disbelief just isn’t there anymore.

This oft-delayed thriller has finally hit theatres, and it just isn’t different enough from films of its ilk – or any Neeson film from the past five years – to warrant a recommendation.

It follows a rancher on the Arizona border who is losing everything, and he finds purpose in helping a young Mexican boy fleeing cartel assassins who are coming his way in the States.

As a promise to the boy’s mother after she died during a shootout at the border, Neeson’s Jim tries to bring the boy to his family in Chicago, who are awaiting him.

Neeson plays it straight and does a fine job, but honestly, this is all just getting a little bit boring.

I don’t know how many more actioners starring Neeson need to come out, but diminishing audience participation and box-office returns should help filmmakers realize this just won’t work anymore.

There are nothing but cliches here, no real heart, and the story is paint-by-numbers. Neeson needs to reunite with his Schindler’s List director, Steven Spielberg, stat and get something of substance back on his resume. He’s now wasting his talents with work like The Marksman.

2/5 Stars

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