VOD REVIEW: Dreamcatcher a nightmarishly bad horror film

With a terrifying killer and an intriguing premise, I was entirely ready for schlocky, B-movie horror with Dreamcatcher.

Writer-director Jacob Johnston, a visual coordinator on Marvel hits, unfortunately fails to muster frights or coherence in this mess of a debut.

It’s about two sisters with unresolved issues who attend a huge underground music festival with friends, only to see their night out mired in tragedy.

With a serial killer on their heels for an unknown reason, they experience 48-hours of violence and terror as they try to escape their circumstances alive.

Sounds entertaining enough, right? But even horror junkies won’t be able to see past the clunky plot devices, atrocious acting and nonsensical plot twists to just enjoy the gore and macabre of it all.

The pretty cast don’t have one shred of talent between them, and they can’t elevate the stilted dialogue or absolutely ridiculous situations they put themselves in.

Urban Legend, this is not. Get your thrills elsewhere, because the only thing shocking or awe-inspiring about Dreamcatcher is how badly they absolutely bungled this.

1/5 Stars

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